Avineta Sarat Pujari

As I told previously in these 21 days of lockdown I'll share 21 blogs about some great personalities of Odisha.
So here is the eighth day of lockdown and I'm sharing my eighth writeup on Avineta Sarat Pujari. 

Avineta Sarat Pujari was born on 8 August 1934 at Khandapada, Nayagarh to Sachidananda Pujari, the Dewan of Nayagarh. He was originally from Jhaduapada, Sambalpur but born and brought up in district Head Quarter of Nayagarh. He was inclined towards drama since his matriculation. He has completed his post graduation in Economics and Diploma in Paintings in Allahabad University in 1956. 

After completing his education he joined as a block designer and publicity agent. In 1959, he joined as a lecturer in economics at Panchayat College,Bargarh. He left service and became a freelance film actor from 1966 September to September 1968 to learn the technique of film making. He also joined Tapang Light Foundry, Nayagarh as a Works Manager during these years. In 1968,he was principal of Larambha College,Bargarh at the age of 34. He was also the principal of Bibhapa Art College, Sundergarh for the year 1989-90. Then he again came to Larambha College, Bargarh and worked there till 1992. From 1992 to 1994 he was the principal of Utkal Sangeet Mohavidylaya. He was nominated by the Government of Odisha as the member of the Odisha Sangeeta Natak Academy where he was the president from 2011 to 2014. 

Sarat Pujari is one of the noted actors of Odia film industry. He pioneered the Odia cinema in the early sixties. Apart from acting he also directed and produced many Odia films. Pujari was inclined towards drama since his matriculation.He became very interested in drama and other performing arts during his time as a student. At that time Odia film industry was not as developed as of now.  He was offered a role in film ‘Laxmi Puja’ in 1959. He has acted in about 50+ films, as well as some television serials. He has also directed 3 Oriya films and 75+ dramas, He directed 'Tapoi', 'Astaraga' and 'Ashanta Graha'.He also played a negative role in the International award-winning movie called 'Bhukha'.  Some of his popular films include 'Jiban Sathi', 'Kaa', 'Arundhati', 'Matira Manisha', 'Tapoi', 'Asanta Graha', 'Astaraga', 'Aranya Rodana', 'Bhukha', 'Andha Diganta'and 'Puja Pain Phulatie' .

He joined politics in and contested for MLA from Sambalpur in 1971 from Utkal Congress as Biju Babu's request but lost in the elections. He wrote about this on his compiled writeups "Nijaswa  Chitranatya Smrutipatha". 

 ‘‘ତିନି ବରଷ୍‌ ନାଇଁ ଯାଇଥାଇ, ଅକଲିଆ ଚଡ଼କ୍‌ଟେ ପଡ଼୍‌ଲା। ସେଇ ଛଅଫୁଟିଆ ଲୋକ୍‌ଟା ଯେ ମୋର୍‌ ସଂଗେ ବର୍‌ଗଡ଼୍‌ କଲେଜ୍‌ ନ ହାତ୍‌ ମିଲେଇ କରି ‘ଭେରିଗୁଡ଼୍‌ ଭେରିଗୁଡ଼୍‌’ କହିଥିଲା, ତା’ର୍‌ ନଜର୍‌ନ ପଡ଼ିଗଲି।’’

‘‘ଭୋଟ୍‌ ସର୍‌ଲା, ମୁଇଁ ହାର୍‌ଲି। ମତେ ଉସାସ୍‌ଟେ ଲାଗ୍‌ଲା। ବଢ଼େଟେ ଫାଣ୍ଟାସି ସିନେମାଟେ ଦେଖ୍‌ଲା ବାଗିର ଲାଗ୍‌ଲା…।’’

He was conferred with "Jayadev Award" for his significant contribution to Odia Film Industry by The Government of Odisha in 1985. He was also honored with first Hemant Das Kala Samman Award, Kadambini Samman Awards for 2010 & Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra Award for the year 2007.

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