Last year on the auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi Sep 2, 2019 the makers uploaded 'Matimuhan'(ମାଟିମୁହଁ) on YouTube, I saw the film then but due to some technical issues the movie was taken down. Finally the film is re-uploaded on YouTube on Rakshabandhan Aug 3, 2020 and now available on the YouTube channel "Arjun Samantray". Again I watched the movie for which I was looking for a year and below are my views regarding the short film Matimuhan (ମାଟିମୁହଁ).

Arjun Samantray who previously done some documentaries directed the film alongwith Cinematography and editing. Suryasnata Tripathy who previously won Kendra Sahitya Academy award penned down the story and screenplay of the film. He also produced the film. Satyadip Das gave music for this film. Dipanwit Dashmohapatra, Pranab Prasanna Rath, Sonali Senapati, Pragyan Parimita Pradhan, Sagar Sarangi presented it on screen. 

The story of the film is a symbolical representation of life's journey through dreams and beliefs. The clayface is compared with life. It revolves around an ordinary man who celebrates every moment of life like a festival and builds new dreams in his life. When he walks on the streets of the time; He sees the recurrence of life and death. In the slightest hint of hope, he forgets all the hardships of past and easily builds a new dream. In spite of all the hardships, all the pains, all the dreams, today life has not come to an end. Tomorrow comes again and again. Time goes by. Nothing stopped somewhere, for anyone. Rather, like a perfect actor, it is time to take off one character and act again in a new character. 

Dipanwit ruled the screen here. The whole story based on his character and he has given justice to the character. Pranab Prasanna Rath has portrayed death in a fabulous way. Although the artists Sonali Senapati, Pragyan Parimita Pradhan, Sagar Sarangi, Rinku  Pradhan, Nishikant Nayak and Nachiketa Swain manage to leave their mark in a very small screen time. Even Heritage enthusiast Ashish Sarangi have a cameo on it. 

There have been many Odia short films but there is some thing in 'Matimuhan'(ମାଟିମୁହଁ) which makes it different from the rest. The film seems very clear about its subject. Pain, fear, love, hate, trust all the emotions come out while watching the film. The film has a realistic touch with poetic expression. The whole movie is narrated in the background. 

The film's cinematography, story are its strong sides. Casting and camerawork are also good. At the same time the film is an art film, if you really don't like artistic films then the movie is not for you. 

The plot of the film is interesting and the story keeps it tied till the end. The 13 min long film does not get loose anywhere. The pace is maintained from beginning to end. This is undoubtedly one of the best odia short film that has come in recent times.

You can watch the short film here 👇