This year the makers telecasted 'Paika Bidroha'(ପାଇକ ବିଦ୍ରୋହ) on Republic Day in Kanak News, I missed the film then. Finally the film is uploaded on YouTube on Aug 14, 2020 and now available on the YouTube channel "PALLABI". I watched the movie for which I was looking for and below are my views regarding the short film Paika Bidroha'(ପାଇକ ବିଦ୍ରୋହ). 

Paika Bidroha

Akshay Parija who previously presented some commercial and art films produced the film under his banner Akshay Parija Production produced the film. Nischay Rout and Anuj Tyagi directed the short movie, Anuj Tyagi previously worked as an assistant director in bollywood movie Kadwi Hawa. Haraprasad Dash penned down the story, screenplay and dialogues of the film. Dharma Vish gave music for this film. Manoj Mishra, Samaresh Routray, Sakti Baral and others presented it on screen. The film had previously won 5 awards in Odisha State film awards 2018. 

The story of the film is based on Paika Bidroha first War of Independence against the British rule which took place four decades before the revolt of 1857. The movie revolvs around the defeat of Odisha by the East India Company in 1803 and the dethronement of Mukunda Deva the Raja of Khurda led to fall in the power and prestige. Battle of Barunei and How Jayee Rajguru captured and killed brutally. After 13 years  ThePaika rebellion was led by Bakshi Jagabandhu, the rebellion quickly spread across most of Odisha and get widespread support from feudal chiefs, zamindars and the common people of Odisha. 

Paika Bidroha

Manoj Mishra as Jayee Rajguru leaves a mark. Samaresh Routray steals the screen as Bakshi Jagabandhu. It's very challenging to portray historical characters on screen and every actor did them beautifully. The whole film depended on Samaresh Routray with other actors like Sakti Baral, Priya Mishra and Gopal Biswal. 

This type of short film is totally new in Odia industry. It's very challenging to make these type of period films. Every Odia will remember the past glory and Odia pride while watching the film. It's good to see that various tribal communities contribution to Paika rebellion represented in the film, and for this, kudos to the makers of the film .

The film's story is its strong side. Cinematography and the costume designing are also good. However it would be better if they put some light on other freedom fighters like Krutibas Pattasani, Madhab Chandra Routray and Pindiki Bahubalendra. 

The plot of the film is well known to every Odia and gives goosebumps. The 27 min long film does not get loose anywhere. The pace is maintained from beginning to end. 

You can watch the short film here 👇